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DripDrop is a patented Oral Rehydration Solution that relieves dehydration. With a scientific ratio of crucial electrolytes and glucose, our doctor-developed formula triggers your body's sodium-glucose cotransport system to crush dehydration—fast!

DripDrop is a great tasting, doctor-developed oral rehydration solution made to help you crush dehydration—fast—with 3x the electrolytes and 1/2 the sugar of sports drinks! Regularly used and recommended by medical professionals to treat mild to moderate dehydration.

Yes, Zinc Aspartate is a common, naturally occurring amino acid. Aspartame is an artificial sweetener found in products such as Equal. DripDrop does not contain aspartame.

Electrolytes are mineral salts—like sodium, potassium, chloride, bicarbonate, calcium and magnesium—that are essential for maintaining the body’s fluid balance. They’re also important for the normal functioning of cells—especially our heart, muscle, and nerve cells.

When it comes to dehydration relief, sodium is the key electrolyte needed. It enables your body to retain fluids, maintain hydration status, and works with glucose to help water absorb into your system. Many hydration drinks contain lower amounts of sodium because it affects taste. DripDrop's breakthrough formula has a sodium level optimized to manage dehydration without compromising on taste.

Sugar is one of the critical components in the science behind the sodium-glucose cotransport system—the system that helps sodium and water get from your small intestine into your bloodstream. DripDrop contains just enough sugar to make that happen. 

DripDrop contains sucrose, fructose, dextrose and sucralose:

Sucrose and Fructose: both natural sugars with lower glycemic index than glucose.

Dextrose: a corn based sweetener.

Small amounts of Sucralose: a safe, non-caloric modified form of table sugar. Sucralose is considered to be safe by the FDA, the European Food Safety Authority, Health Canada and the World Health Organization.

DripDrop is non-GMO, vegan, gluten and salicylate free, soy free, dairy free, and contains no artificial preservatives, dyes, and no artificial flavors.

Yes, DripDrop has been certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union.

Yes, DripDrop is NSF Certified.

No, DripDrop is caffeine-free.

No, DripDrop comes in packaging that is BPA-free.

Mix the contents of a DripDrop sachet with water. One 10g packet makes 250ml of solution. It's that easy.

Yes, DripDrop is powerful enough to use in extreme circumstances but safe enough for everyday use.

Yes, DripDrop can be used at any age. We recommend consulting a physician before using DripDrop for children less than one year of age.

Yes, DripDrop can be used at any age. We recommend consulting a physician before using DripDrop for children less than one year of age.

Ice will affect the ratio of solution to water, especially as the ice melts. For optimal rehydration, mix the solution with water according to the directions on the package.

DripDrop is just as effective if you consume it with food, so you can drink it at any time of day regardless of meal times. However, the amount of water you mix with the DripDrop is what will impact effectiveness so we recommend preparing DripDrop in accordance with the package.

We recommend that you consume DripDrop within 24 hours once it has been mixed with water and refrigerate any unused mixture that is not consumed right away.

We recommend storing DripDrop in a dry, cool, convenient place in your home. 

Try to avoid direct sunlight and extreme heat. When exposed to moisture or heat, your DripDrop may crystallize but is still effective and safe for consumption.

You'll find a "best by" date on DripDrop sachets and boxes. We recommend you use the product by the suggested dates. After the "best by" date, the flavor may diminish.

No, this happens naturally and doesn’t mean your DripDrop is bad. Just make sure to mix the powder thoroughly into water with an extra stir.

Freezing DripDrop does not compromise its effectiveness. Making a DripDrop popsicle or slushy is popular for children who may be having a difficult time holding down liquids.

Dehydration is the loss of water and electrolytes essential for normal body function. It occurs when your body loses more water than it takes in and often happens when we sweat, consume diuretics like alcohol, or experience nausea.

Dizziness, headaches, muscle cramps, fatigue, aches & pains, dry skin, brain fog, extreme thirst, dry mouth and decreased urine output are some of the symptoms of dehydration.

Urine frequency, volume and color are the best and most useful indicators of your body’s hydration level. Dark yellow urine means you're dehydrated, whereas pale to light yellow urine is a sign of normal fluid balance in your body. Totally clear urine indicates overhydration. Importantly, thirst is not always the best indicator for dehydration.

Dehydration can occur quickly in young children and should be monitored closely. 

The main signs of dehydration in children are:

Lethargy (less than normal activity)

IrritabilityDecreased frequency of urination or dry diapers

Absence of tears when the child cries

Sunken eyes

Sunken fontanel (the soft spot on the top of the head in babies)

Dry or sticky mucous membranes

DripDrop is more effective at defeating dehydration than plain old drinking water and sports drinks. Here’s why.

Water doesn’t have many electrolytes. That means it can replenish lost fluid, but it won't provide the precise amount of sodium and glucose that your body needs to manage dehydration. Sports drinks, on the other hand, have too much sugar and not enough salt. That means they're not the most effective choice when you need to address dehydration fast.

DripDrop is available for purchase right here on our website with fast and FREE shipping guaranteed. This is where you'll receive the best value and have access to our largest product offerings. You can also use our Store Locator to find DripDrop at a variety of retailers near you!

We currently only ship within South Africa, however please check back in the future as we are actively looking to expand our opportunities to help relieve dehydration around the world.

DripDrop is not fizzy, but we hear it also tastes great mixed with sparkling water.

DripDrop contains sucrose and fructose (both sugars with a lower glycemic index than glucose) and Sucralose (with a glycemic index of 0). DripDrop can provide an optimal hydration status, thereby preventing hyperglycemia (high blood sugar concentrations). That said, people with diabetes should consult a doctor before consuming DripDrop.

People with heart or kidney disease, congestive heart failure, and/or people who must restrict their intake of salt, electrolytes or water, should consult a doctor before consuming DripDrop.

You should consult your doctor before taking DripDrop. But generally, DripDrop is safe for people who have high blood pressure. offers free ground shipping on every order.

Most orders to metros should arrive within 2 to 3 business day. Add 2 or 3 days for deliveries to rural areas.

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